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At DCS we are always trying to make cable easier to install for the end user. For example

  • Easy strip outer PVC security Jacket with extra powder between the outer PVC and insulation to save stripping time
  • Countdown metre marking on all our cables to show how much cable is left on the reel  which helps reduce wastage and helps you make use of all the cable on the reel
  • Our very durable packaging being either one piece hardwareing spools or our popular BOX WITH REEL.


EZITAG is a new innovative idea to identify and Premark your DCS cable for each location/point. Simply use a sharpie to circle or tick Your room location  (security Cable)  eg  ENT  FOYER  STUDY  BR1  BR2  GAR or your  Jack location ( Data cable)  eg D1  D2  D3  D4  D5

EZITAG is available on all our Security and data cable products both in 100m rolls and 305m boxes.

Direct Ship

One of the major things we can  ensure when buying direct from our DCS Distribution Centre in  China is  the quality is kept consistent and that our cables are  fully accredited after rigorous testing from many dependable sources both here and in China.

With over 10 years experience in manufacturing and importing cables,  here are the benefits in buying directly from us.

  • Cable quality will always be the same for each production
  • Each production will meet Australian standards
  • DCS will always use the correct copper size and PVC size , we DO NOT use CCA
  • DCS will always be liable for the cables, hence why each production is quality assured
  • Packaging will be of the same quality as our current packaging ,eg 1 piece moulded rolls that are very durable for the end user
  •  Price can be done in USD or AUD and via FOB or CIF
  • All communication are done directly to DCS
  • VERY competitive pricing buying direct from DCS Distribution centre in China
  • Cable and packaging can be branded with your company logo and details

We currently supply a few distributors directly and they are finding it is very beneficial to them as the points above gives them no need to worry and can focus on their core business

For more information or enquiries please email  [email protected]

or call us on(02) 95582188